Bioved, Vol. 19(1,2)



For Full Papers

   »Eco-friendly management of insect pests of vegetable crops in high altitude of Kumaun hills
                                                  Shahid S. Siddique, Babita Chaudhary and K.S. Hooda

   »Optimization of command area of pump irrigation system
                                                  B.S. Chauhan and Ashok Mishra

   »Evaluation and analysis of emitter discharge exponent for estimating emitter discharge various pressure level
                                                  Y.P. Sharan, R.P. Singh and Mohd Gufran


   »Study of some micro-organism isolated from soil of guava belt of Allahabad (U,P.)
                                                  Ashish Jaiswal, Rashmi Singh, Ravindra Prakash Pandey and D.N. Shukla


   »A comparative study of mosquito bite preference among the people of different blood groups type
                                                  Poonam Varshney and Anjum Ara


   »Crop response of brinjal under drip and micro-sprinkler irrigation system
                                                  B.L. Ayare and M.S. Mane


   »Effect of planting time and spacing on flowering characters of gladiolus (c.v. Red Beauty)
                                                  B. Singh, S. P. Singh and Rakesh Kumar


   »Effect of different levels of fertilizers in combination with biofertilizer on growth and yield of transplanted rice (Oryza sativa cv. Pusa Basmati-l)
                                                  T.H. Malik and S.B. Lal


   »Reactions of different wheat strains against Alternaria leaf blight
                                                  R.R. Rathod and S.K. Shivankar


   »Effect of industrial effluents on chlorophyll content of Vigna radiata
                                                  A.P. Verma, S.K. Vidyarthi and S.K. Gara


   »Fish marketing system in district Budaun (U.P.)
                                                   C.P. Singh and Sanjay Kumar


   »Effect of temperature, relative humidity and photoperiod on duration, weight and sur¬vival of larvae of silkworm Bombyx man Linn.
                                                   Ashutosh Mishra, S. Prakash and Khalid K. Ansari


   »Marketing of betel leaves in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra
                                                   A.B. Thakare, Smita S. Charate, S.C. Nagpure and Anita G. Rangire


   »Control of lac predators through the chemical application on brood lac
                                                   Ravindra Prakash Pandey, Richa Pandey, D.S.Srivastava, B.K.Dwivedi and S.P.Singh


   »Food habits of male patients suffering from peptic ulcer
                                                   Virginia Paul


   »Water management planning on small farms-A case study under canal irrigation system in eastern U.P., India
                                                    Raj Mani and A.N. Singh


   »Fungal rot of brinjal in Kashmir valley
                                                   Taskeen-un-nisa, A.H. Wani, A.H. Munshi and R.H. Boda


   »Performance of bio-fertilizers and various levels of nitrogen on growth and yield of carrot (Daucus carota) cv. Pusa Kesar
                                                   Uday Singh Pal, Devi Singh, V.B. Rajwade and F:ahul Kade


   »Effect of nitrogen on incidence of stem rot of Indian mustard caused by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Lib.) De Bary
                                                   Anand Kumar Tripathi and S.C. Tripathi


   »Adoption level of composite fish culture techniques in district Budaun (U.P.)
                                                    C.P. Singh, V.K. Misra, D. V. Singh


   »Health and nutritional status of 'KoI' tribal pre-school children of Sonebhadra, India
                                                    Shagufa Shireen Akhtar


   »Insecticidal activity of leaf extract of Annona squamosa L. against Pericallia ricini F.
                                                    Pratibha Mishra, Awanindra Kuma,. Tiwari and S.C. Tiwari


   »Effect of Leucaena leucocephala on growth response of intercrops
                                                    Megna Rashid, S.B. Lal, Samreen Mehboob


   »Root pattern studies in acid lime in sandy loam soils
                                                    S. Balasubramanyan, M.l. Manivannan, B. Bakiyaathu Saliha and S. Baskaran


   »Growth studies of some tree species growing in urban atmosphere
                                                     K.N. Mishra and Kripa Nidhi Yadav


   »Effect of flyash and coal residue pollutant on floristic composition and biological spec¬trum of grassland of district Balrampur
                                                    Anup Kumar Mishra and D.D. Tewari


   »Management of Watermelon Mosaic Virus-I (WMV -1) by reflective polythene mulches in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.).
                                                    Anjana Shukla, Nafees Ahmad Ansari, Madhvi Pathak and J.P. Tewari


   »Effect of different extracts of T. arjuna on haemoglobin, glucose and cholesterol in broilers
                                                    Sanjeev Chaurasia, Sushma and Neeraj


   »Use of solar photovoltaic system with tracking arrangement to battery charging and spraying operation
                                                    Narenara H. Tayade, R. Kuttappan, V.N.Madansure D.M.Mahalle and V.P.Khambalkar


   »Levels of β-2-m1croglobulin and immunoglobulin gene rearrangement in patients of multiple myeloma
                                                    Arti Rai and Sushma


   »A study of effectiveness of radio as a mass media communication in dissemination of environmental information
                                                    Vijay Pratap Yadav, M.S. Tyagi and M.K. Shukla


   »Contributions to the Bryoflora of central Indian zone III. mosses of Amarkantak, Mad¬hya Pradesh, India
                                                    Jagdish Lal


   »Ethno-political Conflict in north east India-A case study of Karbi Anglong district of Assam
                                                    Archana Tripathi


   »Indigenous development of seed counter
                                                    N.A. Shirsat, S.V. Pathak and B.G. Yadav


   »Response of different levels and sources of sulphur on green gram (Phaseolus radiata L.)
                                                    Harish Chandra, F.A. Raina, S.S. Singh and Gautam Ghosh


   »Detection of staphylococci in different types of milk sold in west Garo hills district of Meghalaya
                                                    B.K. Mishra


   »Study of germination behaviour of F. semialata with different substrates for Allahabad region
                                                    Richa Pandey, Ravindra Prakash Pandey, B.K. Dwivedi and S.P. Singh


   »Fungi isolated from Phyllanthus emblica L. in and around Pratapgarh district of U.P. (India)
                                                    B.B. Rai, Ashish Jaiswal, Ravindra Prakash Pandey and D.N. Shukla


   »Anthropometric and clinical observations of student athletes of UP
                                                    Virginia Paul