Bioved, Vol. 21(1,2)



For Full Papers

   »Population dynamics of a fresh water turtle Kachuga tentoria under varying pollution load in r Panchnada (Part of National Chambal Sanctuary) area
                                                  Shubh Narain and Ashish Tripathi

   »Entrepreneurship development through utilization of bioenergy sources in' north east tea industries
                                                  L.S. Yadav

   »Effect of rose petals extract on Leuconostoc bacteria in sugarcane juice
                                                  A.M. Lal, Rekha.Yadav and Rahul Saxena


   »The prevalence of anemia in rural women of Kaushambi, UP
                                                  Ramesh Chandra and Ajay Tripathi


   »Biometrical genetics in growth characters of spiny bamboo: Bambusa bambos (L.) Voss
                                                  Antony Joseph Raj and S.B. Lal


   »Standardization of training methods and spacing for spine gourd
                                                  Devi Singh, D.B. Singh, V.B. Rajwade and Rohini Toppo


   »Conservation of biodiversity of Sarsainawar lake with special reference to Sarus Crane (Grus Antigone)
                                                  Shubh Narain, Ashish Tripathi and Mohit Pandey


   »Constraints faced by farm women in adoption of scientific storage practices of farm produce
                                                  N.M. Chaudhari, S.D. Sarnai~ and K.K. Shrivastava


   »Preliminary investigations of growth rates and growth periodicity of roots in shisham (Dalbergia sissoo)
                                                  Antony Joseph Raj and S.B. Lal


   »Effect of source and storage on proteolytic activity of Shrikhand
                                                  R.T. Raghuwanshi, S.P. Verma and Banni Singh and M.A. Mankar


   »Evaluation of Beet root (Beta vulgaris L.) varieties to different spacings
                                                   Kripan Narsingh, Vijay Bahadur, Devi Singh, D.B. Singh and Rohini Toppo


   »Sources and levels of sulphur effects on protein content and sulphurremoval by Indian mustard cultivars
                                                   Atul Pandey and D.P. Dwivedi


   »Natural incidence and host range of Peanut Bud Necrosis Virus (PBNV) infecting groundnut (Arachis hypogea L)
                                                   V. ManojKumar, P. Williams, P. Vengala Reddy and S. Govardhan


   »Development of growth model for prediction of precipitation
                                                   A.R. Mhaske and V.B. Dalvi


   »Total Factor Productivity of Soybean in eastern Vidarbha zone
                                                   Shubhangi Alexander and S. S.Marawar


   »The extraction and isolation of scopoletin from the bark of Hymenodictyon orixense (Roxb) Mabb.
                                                    Nu Nu Swe, Win Myint and Saw Hla Myint


   »A new species of the genus Trisopsis Kieffer (Cecidomyiidae : Diptera) from lower Garhwal Himalayas
                                                   Vinita Jaiswal


   »Rice husk ash concrete-A Review
                                                   Satyendra Nath,Vikas Srivastava and P.K. Mehta


   »Histochemical localization of peroxidase in Moniezia expansa (Rudolphi, 1905)
                                                   Archana Gupta and Shailesh Srivastav


   »Effect of detergent on the vegetative survival of green algae Cladophora glomerata, Pitho¬¨phora oedogonia and akinete formation of P. oedogonia as well
                                                    Kiran Bala and S.C. Agrawal


   »Biomining - A Useful Approach toward Metal Extraction
                                                    Ashish Kumar and Mohd. Haris Siddiqui


   »Effect of detergent on the growth of Oscillatoria animalis and Oscillatoria limosa
                                                    Kiran Bala, Shraddha Pandey, Arvind Kumar Yadav, Mala Pathak and S.C. Agrawal


   »The impact of co-operative societies on socio-economic condition of farmer's in Gaura block of Pratapgarh district in Uttar Pradesh
                                                    Vijay Pratap Singh and Ravi Srivastava


   »Effect of Source and Storage Interval on Reducing, Non-reducing Sugar Content of Shrikhand
                                                    R.T. Raghuwanshi and S.P. Verma


   »Comparative study on the drugs property of Hymenodictyon orixense (Roxb}. Mabb. and Cinchona succirubra Pev. Ex. Klotz
                                                     Nu Nu Swe and Aye Kyi


   »Effect of certain oils toxicity against Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) larvae
                                                    S.K. Singh and H.N. Singh


   »Epizootiological study on the gastrointestinal parasitism and its control in free ranging jackal (Canis aureus)
                                                    Somesh Singh, A. B. Shrivastav and R.K. Sharma


   »Utilization of Agricultural Wastes in Construction Industry: Review
                                                    Vikas Srivastava, Rakesh Kumar and P.K. Mehta