Bioved, Vol. 22(2)



For Full Papers

   »Determination of damage caused by pod borer complex in long duration pigeonpea
                                                  Ram Keval and Narasimha Murthy G.M.

   »Mineral profile of goat hairs as influenced by oral supplementation of Vitamin ‘A’
                                                  Sushil Kumar Sharma and Babita Agarwal

   »Effectiveness of bio-control agent with chemical pesticides to control pigeon pea wilt
                                                  Yojna Lal and Sobita Simon


   »Assessment and impact of underground water pollution in Sultanpur city, U.P., India
                                                  Anoop Kumar Singh, C.B. Pandey and C.P. Pandey


   »Curtailing market risk in hilly areas through commodity future trading: A study of farmers’ perspective
                                                  Pawan Kumar Sharma, Anil Bhat and Sanjay Prakash Singh


   »Depthwise distribution of heavy metals in sewage irrigated alluvial soils of Allahabad
                                                  Dinesh Mani, Vishv Kumar Mourya, Shiv Balak and Neeraj Pathak


   »Impact of different levels of dietary protein and energy on the performance of broilers
                                                  D.V. Singh, Manoj Kumar, S.P. Srivastava and C.S. Choubey


   »Comparative bio-efficacy studies of talc based Trichoderma spp. formulation in tomato
                                                  Vipin Kumar, S. Dwivedi, R.K. Mishra and P. Gupta


   »Effect of nutritional dietary intake of pregnant women and its impact on birth weight of new born
                                                  Neeru Bala, Sarita Sheikh and Anisha Verma


   »Economic analysis of inland fish production in Varanasi Region U.P.
                                                  Santosh Kumar Singh, Anand Kumar Singh and D.P. Rai


   »Assessment of genetic variability and character association in exotic maize germplasm
                                                   S. Marker, A. Krupakar, K. Ravi Chandra and Abhishek Kumar


   »Toxicity Spectrum of Insecticides against insect pests of rice
                                                   Kamin Alexander, Tripti Tiwari, M.S. Mishra and V.M. Prasad


   »Study on variation in ground water quality nearby cement plant
                                                   Harsh Bodh Paliwal, Arvind Bijalwan, Siddharth Mishra and Devendra Kumar


   »The biology of Helicoverpa armigera Hub. on tomato
                                                   Asim Kumar Maiti and Pradeep Kumar Singh


   »Dietary pattern and food awareness among diabetic population in central U.P. of India
                                                   Virginia Paul and Swapnil Srivastava


   »Efficient and safe design of farm equipment using anthropometric and strength data of agricultural workers
                                                    A.G. Powar and V.V. Aware


   »A study on preparation of fruit yoghurt using goat milk
                                                   J. David and S.G.M. Prasad


   »The influence of nutritional status of nursing mothers on the anthropometric characters of their children in Chaka block of district Allahabad
                                                   Neeru Bala and Anisha Verma


   »Economic viability of Allahabad Kshetriya Gramin Bank—A case study of RRBs of Eastern U.P.
                                                   S.P. Singh, P. Sharma, A. Bhat and N. Ahmad


   »A study on formulation of ready-to-use Gulabjamun mix by using spray dried skim milk
                                                   J. David and S.N. Thakur


   »Asynapsis in Pennisetum typhoides
                                                   O.N. Singh


   »Standardization of dose of IBA and NAA for multiplication of spine gourd
                                                   Devi Singh, D.B. Singh, V.B. Rajwade and Rohini Toppo


   »Phosphate availability in alluvial soil as affected by sulphur application with pea (Pisum sativum L.) as a test crop
                                                   Ashish Rai, Mohd. Saleem, Shuchita Mishra and Monika Devi


   »Biosorption efficiency of blue-gree algae on Cr(VI) in sewage and industrial water
                                                   Shuchita Mishra, Ashish Rai and D.P. Sharma


   »Iin vitro time dependent inhibition of Leishmanial promastigote replication following extracts from plants origin
                                                   Amit Priyadarshi, Amod Kumar, Sanjeeva Bimal and Birendra Prasad


   »Importance of geographical indication and traditional knowledge in tea production
                                                   L.S. Yadav


   »Effect of different levels of carageenan for manufacturing Narmpak Sandesh
                                                   J. David and Rajeev Kumar