Bioved, Vol. 24(2)



For Full Papers

   »Biochemical and morphological variability in Sclerotium rolfsii
                                                  Manoj Kumar Pandey, B.K. Sarma and U.P. Singh

   »Draft requirement of reversible shovel for tractor drawn cultivator in sandy loam soil
                                                  Shailesh Borkar, Ravi Mathur and Chetan B. Khobragade

   »Eco-friendly management of yellow mite (Polyphagotarsonemus latus) on chilli crop
                                                  Manoj Kumar Pathak and Sharad Kumar Tiwari


   »Integrated crop management for enhancing sustainable production potential in soybean
                                                  Mamta Singh, A.P. Dwivedi and K.S. Yadav


   »Efficacy of biocontrol agents and fungicides for the management of paddy brown spot in-situ
                                                  Efficacy of biocontrol agents and fungicides for the management of paddy brown spot in-situ


   »Genetic divergence in autumn rice germplasm of North East India
                                                  Reena P. Borkakati, P. Borah and K. Kurmi


   »In vitro response of some elite varieties of Glycine max (L.) for clonal propagation
                                                  S.S. Chikte, N.J. Chikhale, S.P. Lalwani and S.K. Burghate


   »Combined mutagenesis in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
                                                  S.K. Burghate, M.N. Mishra, N.J. Chikhale and S.S. Chikte


   »Impact of participatory seed production programme on knowledge level of wheat seed producers under RKVY in Allahabad region (U.P.)
                                                  Rajendra Kumar, J.P. Srivastava, Ameesh John Stephen and Pankaj Kumar Verma


   »Influence of FYM, poultry manure, neem cake and fertilizer on growth, yield of rice (Oryza sativa L.), soil nutrient status and microbial population under system of
     rice intensification
                                                  Arun Kumar, J.S., Karthika, K.S. and Joy Dawson


   »Effect of different levels of bavistin, waxol and their interaction on shelf life and quality on guava fruit (Psidium guajava) cv. Apple colour at room temperature
                                                  Praveen Kumar Nishad, Balaji Vikram and V.M. Prasad


   »Evaluation of genetic diversity in Mexican wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genotypes for qualitative and quantitative traits
                                                   Mudra Khare, N.R. Rangare and Ravi P. Singh


   »Prevalence of helminth infection in the Gallus domesticus at Aurangabad region Maharashtra, India
                                                   Hemlata Wankhede, Ulka Aade and Kalpana Ka


   »Studies on performance of early elite rice cultures under direct seeded conditions for yield and quality traits
                                                   Tej Pratap Singh, A.K. Chaurasia, Balaji Vikram and Yuvraj Yadav


   »Assessment of genetic variability, heritability and genetic advance among tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) germplasm
                                                   Omprakash Meena and Vijay Bahadur


   »Studies on quality parameters of sweet soya dahi with incorporation of starch
                                                   Mohammad Ibrahim and Sangeeta Upadhyay


   »Effect of antioxidative activity and polyphenol content in fermented soy milk
                                                   Subrota Hati, Shilpa Vij, B.K. Mishra, Surajit Mandal and C.S. Choubey


   »Direct benefits of social forestry schemes in district Jaunpur
                                                   Tej Pratap Singh, K.P. Singh and N.K. Mishra


   »To identify suitable heat stress strain of Kerria lacca lac insect for increasing lac production on lac host plant Butea monosperma in West Bengal
                                                   B.K. Dwivedi, Akansha Singh, D.S. Srivastava, R.P. Pandey, Richa Pandey and Indra Kant Pandey


   »Life sltyle pattern affecting extents of use of ecomark labeled products: A core step towards environmental sustainability
                                                   Monika and Chhaya Shukla