Bioved, Vol. 25(1)



For Full Papers

   »Effect of 1-Methylcyclopropene (MCP) on the total antioxidant capacity, phenols and flavonoids of guava cv. Lucknow-49
                                                  S. Vijay Rakesh Reddy, D.V. Sudhakar Rao, Prashanth Naik and B. Bhojaraj

   »Utilization pattern of lac host trees under different socio-economic environments: A case study in Jharkhand
                                                  R.K. Yogi, A.K. Jaiswal and R.K. Singh

   »Genetic variability studies in Dolichos bean (Dolichos lablab L.var. typicus) genotypes

                                                  V. Chaitanya, P. Karthik Reddy and R.V.S.K. Reddy


   »Marketing cost, marketing loss and marketing efficiency of green chilli in different supply chains
                                                  Hena Imtiyaz and Peeyush Soni


   »Effect of plant leaf extract on red rot disease of sugarcane caused by fungus Colletotrichum falcatum in Uttar Pradesh
                                                  Vikash Pandey, Pramod Kumar and D.N. Shukla


   »Studies on sensory attributes of chhana based sweet “Khurma”
                                                  Rajni Kant and Ramesh Chandra


   »Estimation of crop residue of cabbage var. Unnathi and their nutritional value
                                                  Prashanth Naik, C.K. Narayana and Vijay Rakesh Reddy


   »Status and the adoption extent of farmers in use of farm machinery, implements/equipments
                                                  Vinod Prakash, H.C. Singh and Rajesh Kumar


   »Effect of biofertilizers and organic manures on initial establishment and plant vigour of different litchi (Litchi chinensis) cultivars
                                                  Pinky Kumari, Saket Mishra and V.M. Prasad


   »Organoleptic evaluation of tomato varieties for preparation of best quality puree
                                                  Monika Srivastava and Ranu Prasad


   »Evaluation of CropSyst model for yield and water productivity of Bt cotton
                                              Amit Kumawat, Ramesh Kumar, Vinay Nangia, V.S. Rathore, N.D. Yadava, R.S. Yadav, Birbal, M.L. Soni and Sita Ram Jat


   »Studies on relative heterosis, heterobeltiosis and standard heterosis on fruit yield and it’s attributes in ridge gourd (Luffa acutangula Roxb. L.)

                                           P. Karthik Reddy, V. Chaitanya and R.V.S.K. Reddy


   »Effect of neem leaf powder on growth and performance of caged broiler

                                           Ali Salim Almamury and P. Kumar


   »Preparation of Shrikhand by using mango pulp

                                           S.N. Thakur, Rajni Kant and Ramesh Chandra


   »Studies on evaluation of tomato varieties for preparation of sauce

                                           Monika Srivastava and Ranu Prasad


   »Survey of Ethnomedicinal plants used by tribal people of Jaunpur district (U.P.)

                                           Shashi Kant and Shriniwas Yadav


   »Effect of different bio-agents and plant extracts against the Sclerotinia rot of Mustard

                                           N.K. Singh and R.K. Mishra


   »Water quality survey of pipe water supply of city Allahabad

                                           Shefali Anand


   »Feasible management of piggery waste—A critical review

                                           B.K. Mishra and C.S. Choubey


   »Dioxins : An overview

                                           Shefali Anand