Bioved, Vol. 25(2)



For Full Papers

   »Growth, yield and economics of Ashwagandha as influenced by sowing dates and seed rates
                                                  S.C. Vilhekar, R.S. Zadode, Y.R. Patil and V.V. Tapre

   »Studies on physico-chemical characteristics of Carambola (Averrhoa carambola L.) fruit
                                                  B.S. Shirsat and N.J. Thakor

   »Sensory properties of paneer based dessert prepared from rice milk by blending with standardized milk

                                                  Akanksha Yadav and Ramesh Chandra


   »Farming of Oyster mushroom : Agri based small house hold income of marginal farmers
                                                  S.R. Sharma, Dharmendra Prakash Singh and Akhilesh Kumar


   »Acute toxicity levels of copper sulphate to a Teleostean fish, Channa punctatus (Bloch)
                                                  Vipin F. Lal, K.K. Gaur, Sasya Thakur and Sobita Simon


   »Constraints faced by the farmers in Basmati rice production and marketing in Jammu district of J & K state
                                                  Nimit Kumar, S.P. Singh, Anil Bhat, Poonam Parihar and Harminder Singh


   »The effect of phenyl vinyl sulfone on Gastrothylax crumenifer in vitro
                                                  Chandra Mohan


   »Analysis of constraints being confronted by the farm entrepreneurs
                                                  Bhavana Gupta, Quadri Javeed Ahmad Peer and Anil Bhat


   »Effect of different sources of organic and inorganic plant nutrients on fruit growth, yield and quality of guava (Psidium guajava L.) cv. Allahabad safeda
                                                  Srinivas Mamnindla, V.M. Prasad and Saket Mishra


   »Impact of improved goat farming practices on Socio-economic status of villages
                                                  Bharat Mahto, Anjali Chandra and Ajit Kumar Singh


   »Effect of dietary supplementation of Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) leaf powder on growth performance of broilers
                                              Ajit Singh, Neeraj, Sushma and Pranab Doley


   »Ergonomic evaluation of farmwomen of Shahdol district (M.P.) while performing wheat harvesting activity

                                           Alpana Sharma, Neelu Vishwakarma, Akhilesh Kumar, Mrigendra Singh and P.N. Tripathi


   »Repeat breeder cows improving fertility by estrus synchronization : Comparison of PRID + PGF2alfa + GNRH and GNRH+ PGF2alfa + GNRH protocols

                                           Ajit Singh and Pranab Doley


   »Effect of biostimulator 'Biovet' on feed consumption, feed conversion efficiency and egg production of laying hen

                                           Ajay Bikram Singh, O.P. Singh , S.K.S. Raghuvansi, Pradeep Kumar Singh and Manoj Kumar Singh


   »Variability pattern in agromorphological characters in tomato genotypes (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)

                                           Chandan Singh Ahirwar and V.M. Prasad


   »A study on problems and constraints of Varanasi weavers

                                           Neeti Kishore, Susan Paul, Rukhsana and Srishti Maurya


   »Studies on sensory properties of filled milk beverage prepared with pear pulp

                                           Garima Singh, Ramesh Chandra and Sangeeta Shukla


   »Study of genetic variability in soybean genotypes and their performance at Allahabad agroclimate

                                           Udayraj Singh, Hemchandra and N.R. Rangare


   »Effect of ‘Biovet’ on broilers feed consumption and feed conversion efficiency

                                           Ajay Bikram Singh, O. P. Singh, Manoj Kumar Singh, S.K.S. Raghuvansi and Pradeep Kumar Singh


   »Enhancing agri-based small household income through value addition

                                           Rashmi Shukla, S.K. Singh, Alpana Sharma and Gufran Usmani


   »Comparative evaluation of pollution status of river Ganga—Now and then

                                           Mitali Dhiman, B.K. Dwivedi, S.S. Mishra and R.C. Tripathi