Bioved, Vol. 27(2)



For Full Papers

   »Dry matter partitioning and yield of machine-transplanted rice (Oryza sativa L.) as influenced by age and number of seedlings
                                                  R.B. Negalur and A.S. Halepyati

   »Bioefficacy of new insecticides against onion Thrips (Thrips tabaci L.) in Uttar Pradesh
                                                  P.K. Dwivedi and Akhilesh Tripathi

   »Post-harvest treatment of guava fruits with 1-Methylcyclopropene and gibberellin to regulate fruit quality under cold storage
                                                  Jatinder Singh, Shailesh Kumar Singh and Kawalpreet Singh


   »Effect of organic manures and biofertilizers on growth and yield of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) cv. Narendra-6
                                                  Dharmendra Singh, V.K. Singh and K.C. Shukla


   »Model input variables selection using gamma test for daily suspended sediment concentration simulation of Pranhita river, India
                                                  Anurag Malik, Anil Kumar, M. A. Alam and C. John Wesley


   »Study on effect of different pre–treatments on physico-chemical properties and shelf life of Indian bael (Aegle marmelos) candy cv. NB-6
                                                  Lokesh Kumar, Sandeep Singh, Saket Mishra, Mahendra Bairwa and V.M. Prasad


   »Effect of herbal growth stimulators on the performance of broiler chicks
                                                  M.K. Singh, V.K. Singh, P.R. Patel and S.P. Verma


   »Effect of pruning for bearing trees planted at normal distance square and paired planting system of mango (Mangifera indica L.) cv. Langra in Madhya Pradesh
                                                  T.K. Singh, Ashish Kumar, Prashant Kumar and U.S. Bose


   »Sediment outflow from paddy mulch at varying land slopes under simulated rainfall conditions
                                                  Sachin Kumar Singh, Rajdev Panwar, Jayant Gautam and P.S. Kashyap


   »Response of zinc and boron application on fruit set, quality and yield of apple (Mallus × domestica Borkh.) cv. Red Delicious under hilly conditions of Uttarakhand
                                                  Mohammad Aashiq, B.P. Nautiyal, Manju Negi, Ghan Shyam Abrol, Sandeep Upadhyay and Pankaj Bahuguna


   »A study on adoption of maize production technology by the farmers of Chhindwara district of (M.P.)
                                                   D.P. Rai, Santosh Kumar Singh and Rupali Chaurasia


   »Knowledge on improved fodder production practices of rabi season in Rajasthan : The farmers perspective
                                                   Devendra Kumar Meena, Gopal Sankhala and Pravesh Singh Chouhan


   »Simulation modelling for assessment of status of rural knowledge pertains with provisioning ecosystem services
                                                   Manish Mathur


   »Resource-use efficiency of sugarcane cultivation in U.S. Nagar district of Uttarakhand : An economic analysis
                                                   Dipti and Jitendra Singh


   »An application of ARIMA model in fenugreek wholesale price in Rajasthan
                                                   Vinod Kumar Verma, Pradeep Kumar and S.P. Singh


   »Effect of neem leaf (Azadirachta indica) powder on growth performance in cage system of broilers
                                                    U.K. Shukla and Shivakant Shukla


   »Effect of simulated transportation on physico-chemical properties of ber cv. Umran stored under ambient storage conditions
                                                   Preeti, R.K. Goyal and Bhanukar Manoj


   »Magnitude of heterosis in interspecific F1’s for ToLCV, earliness, yield and quality traits in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.)
                                                   Prashant Kumar, Anand K. Singh, N. Rai and B.K. Singh


   »Effect of storage conditions on seed of some pulse crops
                                                   V.C. Chaturvedi and D.N. Shukla


   »Performance evaluation of pedal operated tree shaker for jamun (Syzygium cumini) tree
                                                    M.V. Chavan and S.V. Pathak


   »Physical and sensory properties of noodles supplemented with germinated mungbean flour
                                                    Neelu Slathia, Julie Dogra Bandral and Monika Sood


   »Comparative performance of automatic cashew nut sheller with manual operatated cashew nut cutters
                                                    S.P. Sonawane, N.J. Thakor, A.A. Sawant and C.R. Wadekar


   »Comperative study of zero tillage and conventional method of wheat in Pratapgarh district of U.P.
                                                    Bhaskar Shukla, J.K. Gupta and B.N. Tripathi


   »Quality analysis of Indian lac with other lac producing countries
                                                    S. Srivastava, M.F. Ansari, D.N. Goswami, N. Prasad, D.S. Srivastava and B.K. Dwivedi


   »Growth and yield assessment of organically grown elephant foot yam under bamboo and open condition
                                                     Anshuman Singh, B. Mehera and Anil Kumar


   »Organic agri-biotech: Success engine for green growth and livelihood sustainability
                                                    Rajesh Dubey


   »Strategies for optimization of fruit quality in temperate fruits with special reference to pome fruits
                                                    Sheikh Mehraj, Farooq Ahmad Peer, Shazia Hassan, I.A. Bisati, Quadri Javeed and Ahmad Peer


   »Physiological disorders in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) crops — A review
                                                    Neerja Sharma, Ajay Kumar and Vijay Kumar


   »Antioxidants and its functions in human body
                                                    Anuj Yadav, Ashwani Yadav and Rajendra Kumar