New Agriculturist, Vol. 20(1,2)



For Full Papers

   »Impact of zero-tillage practice on some of important microarthropods (Hexapoda : Parainsecta: Coflembola) in wheat of rice-wheat cropping system in western
     Uttar Pradesh
                                                  Mukesh Sehgal and S. Das

   »Effect of vermicompost and biofertilizers on okra (Abelmoschus esculentus (L) Moench) under graded dose of nitrogen and phosphorus
                                                   T.D.Mishra, S.K. Singh, S.N.S. Chaurasia, P. Kemariya, and T.B. Singh

   »Chemical control of glume discolouration in rice under temperate conditions of Kashmir
                                                  G.N. Bhat, Nassreen Fatima, M. Shafait Rehman.and Ali Anwar


   »Technology of kalakand preparation by standardization of cow and buffalo milk
                                                  S.P. Verma, S. Kumar and J. Singh


   »Growth and instability of cotton in Amravati division of Vidarbha
                                                  Prema Borkar and E.R. Patil


   »Influence of weather factor on incidence of Earias vittefla on okra
                                                  Manish Kumar, Nishith Gupta and R.C. Pandey


   »Stability analysis of chillgenotypes for yield and quality traits at different state of transplanting
                                                  R.K. Mishra, S. Kumar, A.K. Pandey, G. Singh and S.K. Singh


   »Interactive effect of rice field herbicide propanil on the nitrogen metabolism of N2-fixing cyano- bacterium Nostoc Iinckia
                                                  Gyanendra Kumar Dwivedi, A.K. Pandey and K.N. Mishra


   »Studies on benthic macrofauna of Gharlyarwapond, Birganj, Nepal, with respect to fish culture
                                                  Goutam Ranjan and Rakesh Mohan


   »Boosting up the seed yield of mustard crop by assessment of suitable varieties in Vindhyan region
                                                  Sant Prasad


   »Effect of certain botanicals and indigenous products in the management of Spodoptera litura
                                                  S. Danish. Y.N. and S. Ahmad


   »Fusarium solani (Mart) Sacco causes losses .of protein content in leguminous host
                                                  Rasmi Singh, Ashish Jaiswal, Ravindra Pandey, B. Lal and D.N. Shukla


   »Synergetic effect of Nitrogen and Sulphur on yield, N, P and S content and uptake by sunflower crop in Inceptisol
                                                  Aamir Hassan Mir, S.B. Lal, Inayat Mustafa Khan and Samreen Mehboob


   »Conservation of energy for production of some rabi crops by adopting irrigation scheduling approach in Senapati district of Manipur state
                                                  Arpan Sherring, Chitrasen Lairenjam and A.K. Mishra


   »Economics of guava production in Kaushambi district of Uttar Pradesh
                                                   Ramchandra and B. Mehra


   »Design and development of tractor operated jowar reaper windrower
                                                  S.M. Nalawade, P.A. Turbatmath, A.V. Gajakos


   »Effect of rhizobium inoculation and different levels of phosphorus on the yield, nutrients uptake of green gram (Vigna radiata L.) cv. K-851 and on
     chemical properties of soil
                                                   Jatender Singh,Ram Bharose and Tarence Thomas


   »Studies on biochemical composition and nutritive value of leaf protein concentrate fractionated from okra (Abe/moschus escu/entus (L.) Moench.) leaves
                                                   R.D. Shukla and S. Chowdhary


   »Uprooting old bushes with tractor and winch enhanced quantity of biomass for generating employment in north east tea industries
                                                  L.S. Yadav


   »Fungi Isolated from seeds of Pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan) from Pratapgarh (U.P.)
                                                  Rashmi Singh, Ashish Jaiswal, S. Kapoor, Ravindra Pandey and D.N. Shukla


   »Heterosis diallel crosses of watermelon (Citrujllus lanatus Thunb)
                                                  G. Dadwadiya, S.P. Singh and S.P. Singh


   »Effect of plant growth regulators on flowering and fruit quality in papaya (Carica papaya L.) cv. CO-2
                                                  G.G. Pusdekar and Mili G. Pusdekar


   »Effect of commercial neem products in the management of Helicoverpa armigera
                                                  S. Danish. Y. Nand S. Ahmad


   »Effect of IBA on rooting behaviour in rose scented geranium (Pelargonium graveolens L cv. Bourbon) in different seasons under hill and mountain agro-ecosystem
     of Garhwal Himalaya
                                                  Arvind Bijalwan, Devendra Kumar and H.B. Paliwal


   »Bamboo based agroforestry models suitable for cultivable wastelands of eastern Uttar Pradesh
                                                  Biswarup Mehera, Ramchandra and S.B. Lal


   »Instability in wheat : A major problem in recent years facing by farmers of Akola district of Maharashtra state
                                                  S.D. Wankhade, M.D. Kad and Milind S. Joshi


   »Electronics based equipment and machineries in the field of agricultural engineering
                                                  V. V. Aware, S.V. Aware, A.V. Gajakos and A.G. Powar


   »Post harvest handling, storage and marketing of mango
                                                  A.A. Sawant, S.P. Sonawane and N.J. Thakor


   »Standardization of agro-techniques of Dendroblum orchids under protected (shade net) condition
                                                 S. Saravanan and Amit Kanawjia


   »Response of Oryza sativa to infestation of Pluchea lanceolata


   »Strategy for multimedia production for agricultural extension activities
                                                  Sanjay Kumar, C.P. Singh, D.K. Singh and S.C. Sharma


   »Economics of Guava Orchards and its Sustainability in Allahabad district of Uttar Pradesh
                                                  Madan Sen Singh, P.P. Dubey and Yogesh Chandra Srivastava