New Agriculturist, Vol. 21(1,2)



For Full Papers

   »Effect of soil amendments on properties of post-harvest salt-affected soil
                                                  B.R. Maurya, Hanuman Ram, S.S. Prasad and A.K. Singh

   »Economics and production of Bt cotton in Yavatmal district of Vidarbha region
                                                   R.D. Vaidkar, D.P. Wahile and V.R. Bele

   »Combining ability studies of quantitative traits in sponge gourd [Luffa cylindrica (Roem) L.]
                                                  Virendra Kumar, D. Ram, T.B. Singh and V.B. Rajwade


   »Root distribution studies in guava
                                                  Naveen Singh and V.M. Prasad


   »Determination of terminal residues of isoproturon in soil and wheat
                                                  Neelam Sharma


   »Effective weed management practices for brinjal {Solanum melongena L.)
                                                  Mandira Chakraborti and Sansamma George


   »Evaluation of water harvesting structure for protective irrigation to kharif paddy in eastern Vi-darbha zone of Maharashtra
                                                  A.R. Mhaske, V.A. Khadse and P.L. Narnaware


   »Genetic architecture of yield and its components in mung bean (Vigna radiata L.) Wilczek
                                                  Prabha Shankar Shukla, Vidhan Chandra Chaturvedi and Daya Shankar Tiwari


   »Effect of germination on the nutritional quality of bengal gram
                                                  Virginia Paul


   »Response of herbicidal weed management in irrigated wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
                                                  Manish Kumar Singh, A.K. Singh and T.N. Singh


   »Growth and microclimatic parameters as influenced by rice genotypes under different crop growing environments in eastern UP.
                                                  S.K. Singh


   »Effect of polythene mulch on soil available nutrients and yield of groundnut crop harvest
                                                  H.N. Ravankar, R.K. Topre, P.A. Sarap, S.S. Hadole, R.T. Patil and P.D. Raut


   »Seed source variability in Bauhinia variegata Linn. under two different environments
                                                  Afaq Majid Wani, Meghna Rashid, Mita Thakur and K.C. Chauhan


   »Study on roof ventilation and misting system in semi controlled polyhouse
                                                  A.N. Tayawade, H.R. Gayakwad and P.B. Kale


   »Effect of seed invigouration treatments on growth parameters of soybean
                                                   Deepa P. Nair and G.V. Deogirkar


   »Path coefficients and association studies in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)
                                                  P.S. Shukla, Vidhan Chandra Chaturvedi and D.S. Tiwari


   »Environmental constraints and its impact on agricultural productivity. A case study of Churu district in Rajasthan
                                                   Azizur Rahman Siddiqui


   »Effect of sowing dates on the growth, yield and quality of okra [ Abelmoschus escuientus (L.) Moench] Cv. Parbhani Kranti
                                                   S. S. Gantam and M.K. Mishra


   »Changes in phosphorus content in pumpkin mosaic virus infected Cucurbita pepo (L.)
                                                  Shalini Srivastava, R.R. Srivastava and N.K. Singh


   »Effect of natural ventilation and humidification system on microclimate in nethouse
                                                  A.N. Tayawade, H.R. Gayakwad and P.B. Kale


   »Field evaluation of onion crop under trickle irrigation system in UP
                                                  Mohd. Gufran


   »Participation of beneficiaries in sodic land reclamation programmes
                                                  N.K. Mishra and B.P. Mishra


   »Use of agro forestry as a tool for bio-drainage
                                                  P.K. Singh, S.K. Sharma and R.C. Gupta


   »Breeder’s and ipr issues: Biodiversity and need for detailed examination of diagnostic Characteristics of crop varieties and GM crops
                                                  H.P. Singh and A.K. Sharma