New Agriculturist, Vol. 25(1)



For Full Papers

   »Validation of traditional seed protectants against Rhizopertha dominica (Fab.) in wheat
                                                  S.K. Verma, R.B. Singh, P.K. Gupta and Vimal Kumar Singh

   »Labour force and tractors : Contributing towards growth of tea industries in north east India
                                                   L.S. Yadav

   »In-vitro characterization of biocontrol potential of Trichoderma isolates
                                                  S.P. Singh, C. Keswani and H.B. Singh


   »Pistia stratiotes (L.) grown within a hydroponic system for the treatment of zinc in relation with water parameters
                                                  Shalini Srivastava, Beenu Tripathi and D.N. Shukla


   »Exploiting the production potential of groundnut by improved nutrient management in light-textured typic ustipsamment
                                                  A.K. Chaubey, Vimal Kumar Singh and S.B. Singh


   »Phytotoxic effect of wastewater on seed germination and early growth of Lycopersicon esculentum and Oryza sativa
                                                  Arti Yadav, Pramod Kumar Singh and D.N. Shukla


   »Effect of potassium and sulphur on yield, nutrient uptake and oil content of linseed
                                                  H.C. Tripathi, Ravindra Kumar Shukla, Akhilesh Tripathi and Shikha Tripathi


   »Management of alternaria leaf blight of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) caused by Alternaria helianthi (Hansf.)
                                                  Navin Kumar, Abhilasha A. Lal, Priyanka Kumari and Sobita Simon


   »Increase the living standard of vegetable growers through bottlegaurd cultivation in district Shahjahanpur
                                                  S.K. Verma, K.M. Singh, Narendra Prasad and L. B. Singh


   » Response of hybrid rice to sulphur and zinc nutrition in partially reclaimed sodic soil
                                                  Ved Prakash, Raj Kumar and S.K. Tripathi


   »Survey of mites associated with vegetable crops at different locations of Jaunpur
                                                  Manoj Kumar Tripathi, Ashish Kumar and D.K. Srivastava


   »Effect of nitrogen, sulphur and boron on mustard (Brassica juncea L.) under rainfed condition
                                                   Alok Malviya, N.Malviya, V.C. Chaturvedi, P.Sriothia and U.S.Mishra


   »Labour productivity could be increased by management of field operations
                                                  L.S. Yadav


   »Effect of integrated nutrient management on yield attributes, yield and nutrients uptake in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
                                                  Vijay Bahadur, H.C. Tripathi and S.K. Mishra


   »Soil enzymes and beneficial micro-organisms as influenced by weed management practices under rice-wheat cropping system
                                                  Raj Kumar, Jaidev, R.S. Singh, Ved Prakash and S.K. Tripathi


   »Impact of spacing and fertilizer levels on maize yield (Zea mays L.) under teak based agroforestry system
                                                  Devendra Kumar, Antony J. Raj, Sameer Daniel, Arvind Bijalwan, Harsh B. Paliwal and Siddharth Mishra


   »Estimation of Pb and Zn concentration from highway side agricultural soil in district Allahabad
                                                  Prabhakar Singh, Tarence Thomas and Saurabh Upadhyay


   »Relationship of the role performance of trainers in KVKs with their personal traits
                                                  H.C. Singh, Vinod Prakash, M.N. Tripathi and Rajesh Kumar


   »Effect of nutrient management on growth of rice crop
                                                  Rajnish Chaturvedi and D.N. Shukla


   »Evaluation of gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii) cultivars under shade net house condition
                                                  Vivek Kumar Singh, Digendra Singh, Supriya Kumari Ali Jabbar and V.M. Prasad


   »Physiological effect of ergonomical parameters on different agricultural operation : An engineering approach
                                                  Sanjay Kumar, Sweta Singh, Madhvendra Singh and B.R. Singh


   »A review of physical properties and dehulling performance of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) seeds of different cultivars for designing of dehuller
                                                  Sanjay Kumar, Sweta Singh, Madhvendra Singh and B.R. Singh